A Review of Social Paranoia by Dane Cobain

Social Paranoia: How Consumers and Brands Can Stay Safe in a Connected World by [Cobain, Dane]

A Review of Social Paranoia by Dane Cobain
Review by JD DeHart

Each time I read something by Dane Cobain, I feel like I encounter something new, either in fiction or poetry…or, in this case, a nonfiction book with research included.  I am fairly omnivorous in my reading, so this was interesting and engaging to me.

Cobain takes the topic of social media and begins opening layers, peeling away at different aspects in each chapter.  I appreciated the way the book includes thoughtful tables that summarize content – this is always helpful when reading informational work.

In the final analysis, I would recommend Social Paranoia as an example of extremely readable research-based text, but also as a book that explores an interesting and relevant concept.

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